¡Ay, caramba!

I’m not very good at talking to people all day long – it’s not something I’m naturally comfortable with. One-on-one I feel fine, but I reach a saturation point maybe sooner than somebody who’s a little more gregarious. I was an only child. I didn’t socialize much when I was younger; I was always kind of a loner. It’s not that I’m shy; I’m just not a team person and I never learned how to collaborate. I can’t have a team of assistants who have ideas, because it confuses me. I can only be a complete fascist. That’s why Rick Owens is a one-man show. I have wonderful assistance, but if somebody came here wanting to be creative they would wither up and die. This isn’t the place for that. I tried, and I just couldn’t do it, and I’ve learned how to accept who I am. x

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